As it says above, welcome! This is the home site of the Jigoku Dojo, one of Scotland’s most eclectic and original martial arts clubs. While the Jigoku Dojo has been through a series of metamorphoses within its structure, its modus operandi has always been true to the pragmatic outlook of its founder Marc Howes Hanshi (8th Dan). He sees the incremental stages that the Dojo has gone through as logical steps towards a more practical and effective martial art. Throughout his martial arts journey, Hanshi has always been drawn towards the more pragmatic styles, from traditional karate fighting in the 1970s, onto kickboxing in 1983, then moving into knockdown karate (see Hanshi’s old photos and videos) and more recently adapting Kyokushin Budokai’s into a formidable defence system Kyokushin Budokai Goshin Do that he's demonstrated around the world.







The Jigoku Dojo is an organisation in its own right. While the Hombu exists as a physical entity, the system is a diverse group, connected by the fact that all the teaching is pragmatic.


All-Round Fighting, run by all the instructors, this is the daddy of all karate systems. The fighter wears protective headguards (to prevent face trauma) and a karate suit. In this style you can head-butt, elbow, punch, kick and knee an opponent. There are also two 30 seconds ground-fighting allowed and a ten second suit grip for ‘holding and hitting’! It really is Scotland’s toughest karate!


Finally there is Kyokushin Budokai Goshin Do, taught by Hanshi Marc. A pragmatic traditional Japanese self-defence course with readings and text books, with great emphasis on Budo. It’s not a leisure pursuit, it’s more of a lifestyle choice

So in conclusion, if you are looking for more out of your martial art, if you wish to join a club and system that has a proven history, if you have an interest in the philosophies of the East, including, of course Budo and if you enjoy a relaxed, intelligent, structured environment that encouraged learning and participation, then maybe, just maybe, this is the Dojo for you.



The Jigoku Dojo Hombu

Hidden in the beautiful Scottish country side, in a very small, single road village is the Jigoku Dojo Hombu. The dojo is based on the traditional Japanese and Okinawa dojo of the past. It is here where Hanshi Marc Howes teaches his Kyokushin Budokai Goshin Do. But the system is more than a series of physical movements, there is a learning component that is equally important.


Within Hanshi's home there is Teaching and Learning room, complete with a library with over 300 martial arts books. In a comfortable environment the compulsory readings or text books are discussed, or lectures are given on all aspects of the martial arts, including meditation and Mindfulness. Outside the dojo is the large outdoor training area with strike and training equipment, including a Wing Chun dummy. Hanshi Marc values outdoors training and utilises the dojo for when the weather is too bad.




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